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Building the highest quality condensate evaporation pans since 1992. We develop products that are a step above the rest for customers at all levels.

Birmingham Manufacturing was formed in 1992 with the mission to build the highest quality American-made condensate evaporation pans available on the market.

Also to become a supplier to OEM’s, distributors and service companies that they could rely on to be cost-effective and easy to deal with. In the intervening 25+ years, we have done just that. Working with our customers at all levels to develop products that are a step above the rest and do so at a competitive price and with world-class customer support. Our customers know we are here to help with all their condensate evaporation pan needs and to be ultra-responsive to emergency needs so that they can satisfy their customers needs in the most timely timeframe.

Widely used in commercial refrigeration, our customers include blue-chip OEM’s, leading distributors, and over 5,000 service companies

Our pans are perfect for refrigerated cases, open-air refrigeration, standalone refrigeration units, and reach-in freezers. We also provide solutions for air conditioning and any environment producing liquid without drainage available. We sell replacement parts, sub-assemblies, and complete units, all spanning a wide variety of wattage, voltage, and pan size options, ensuring our products can be customized to your unique needs.

Whether you are an OEM, a distributor, or a service professional, we are the right partner for you.

Our design and engineering ensure easy installation and reliable performance. With our one-of-a-kind float and copper heat sensor bar. We are based in the US and make our products right here, using quality materials like stainless steel, electro polished floats, and coated floats. We believe our American-made products top the competition and have been known to last over 20 years with proper maintenance. Rest assured our products are all ETL Certified to UL specifications.

We’ve held true to our values for over 30 years & through hundreds of thousands of units in service.

As the industry experts in evaporated & condensate pans, we offer the most variety & customization on the market.

We are able to accommodate most wattage, voltage or pan size requirements for your specific situation calls, all available with molded cord ends or copper drain tubes, as required. You can purchase only what you need, whether you are looking for individual parts, sub-assemblies or complete units.

In a rush?

Business today moves at lightning speed & we understand you are under time pressures.

That’s why being located domestically in the states allows us to respond faster than the competition. Our industry-leading turnaround time is marked by our commitment to same-day shipping on orders received by 2 pm Central Time, regardless of the unique configuration you need. We promise to turn around unique custom condensate pans for testing in a very short time frame. The bottom line is this: We are dedicated to getting you exactly what you need and getting it to you fast.


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