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We have what you’re looking for, from a huge selection of complete condensate evaporation pans to sub-assemblies (everything BUT the pan) to individual parts. We deliver same day shipping, on all orders prior to 2pm CT.

Evaporation pans​

  • This is a complete unit and includes the pan, heating element, and floats.
  • This can be purchased for a replacement or for new projects.
  • Also known as evap pans, condensate pans, condensate evaporation units, drain pans, or drip pans.
800W/120V 1/3 Size X 4" Deep Condensate Evaporation Pan with 120V molded cord


  • Typically purchased for replacement or repair
  • Includes various combinations of an evap pan system

In addition to our complete Condensate Evaporation pans, we offer sub-assemblies to each different pan. A sub-assembly includes everything that our complete units do except the pan, offering our customers a cost-effective and time-effective option if the pan is in working condition. We also offer each and every part that goes into our pans as a replacement item. This means you do not have to replace anything but what is broken.


  • Typically purchased for replacement or repair
  • Also known as gauges, or replacement floats


  • Typically purchased for replacement or repair
  • Also known as replacement pans
square condensate evaporation pans

Heating Elements​

  • Typically purchased for replacement or repair
  • Also known as heaters or replacement pan heaters
long shank double bend heating element for condensate evaporation pan

When we say fast turnaround, we mean it.

We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround with an order placed before 2:00 pm CT, you can expect to receive your fully customized order the same day. Are you an OEM customer? We can help you with the larger volume of immediate need purchases.

We are the specialists, our experience installing an extensive number of units and fixing a vast number of problems makes us the best partner to work with you and help resolve your specific problem.

So if you are looking for condensate pans, evap pans, heater pans, or whatever you want to call a pan designed to evaporate water from a location without a drain, Birmingham Manufacturing has a product for you.

Have a large scale project or looking to partner up? Need something unique or have a specific problem you are wrestling with? Call us!

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